Unit 36 Assignment 3

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Laws and legislations There are many laws out there that cover near enough everything, so therefore with my business I will need to make sure I abide the laws which cover; health and safety, fire precautions, the environment, employee rights, the building, intellectual property (for example business names, inventions and copyrights), fair trading (consumer credit, consumer protection and competition law), keeping information about people, licences and insurance. Health and safety is the most important thing within any business, I must make sure everyone within Alcarwash is safe first before we do anything. I am responsible for the effect that Alcarwash may have on the health and safety of your employees and the consumers. I will have…show more content…
Equal Pay The equal pay act requires employers to pay men and women equal pay for equal work. It prohibits sex discrimination between employees in respect of their contractual pay and terms and conditions of employment. This law covers all aspects of pay including benefits, childcare allowance, sickness benefits and car allowance. Before the act was brought into action the difference between the men and woman in pay was 37%. This act makes sure that men and woman that are doing the same job, equivalent job and jobs of an equal value are all paid equally. Alcarwash taking the Sex Discrimination act strictly means they must take the Equal Pay Act just as serious. Amongst their staff they must have an equality of pay if the staff members are doing the same job role; for example if a male car washer is earning around £6 an hour, where as a female car wash is earning £4- this will mean that Alcarwash are breaking the law and will most defiantly get prosecuted for it. So therefore when advertising and hiring I must offer the same amount of wage to a male and a female for applying for a job roll. This is law is very important, it is not right to differ people from each other and if this does occur within Alcarwash, the business will be prosecuted and then the business
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