Unit 37

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Unit 37
Understand health and safety in the social care settings
1.1: You will find all the legislations under the health and safety at work act 1974 this act is the overall cover for health and safety at work.

1.2 + 1.3: We have regulations and guidelines with policies and procedures to follow to protect the client for example hear are just a view ways in which we must do this:
Make the work place safe Provide adequate first aid facilities
Always use protective clothing appropriately Prevent the risk to health
Ensure equipment is safe to use
A) As a care worker my responsibilities are:
1. As much as you can you should have risk to your health properly controlled.
2. To be provide free of charge any
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3.3: You must not give out first aid or any treatment unless you have the correct training as you could harm the person who is sick or injured as you may not beawear of this but with out the correct training you could be outing the individual in more danger and your self to all ways seek trained help.

3.4: If you fail to follow the procedures this could lead to harming your self or harming the individual also you could find your self in trouble in the workplace you could be disciplined or loes your job.

4.1: Routes in which a infection can come into the body are , an open wound , food , body fulids , and poor hygine.
4.2: Wash hands = 1, Wet hands 2, Rub your hands together applying soap 3, Scrub between fingers and back of the hands 4, rinse of the soap 5, Dry thoroughly.
Own personal hygine = 1, Always wash hands after using toilet and before preparing food 2, cover your face when sneezing with a tissue , 3 cover any cuts with blue plasters, 4 stay away from work when you are sick with any thing contagious.
Encougrage the individuals own personal hygine = Always see that they wash there hands after toilet or before eating, always see that if
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