Unit 37: the Travel and Tourism Sector

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UNIT 37: THE TRAVEL AND TOURISM SECTOR Get assignment help for this unit at assignmenthelpuk@yahoo.com LO1 Understand the history and structure of the travel and tourism sector History: pilgrimages, the grand tours, post industrial revolution, post war, current; factors facilitating growth eg technology, time, money, freedom of movement, infrastructure, social conditions; possible future developments eg sustainability Travel and tourism sector: travel services; tourism services; conferences and events; visitor attractions; accommodation services; passenger transport; relationships and links, levels of integration; Liepers tourist system, chain of distribution; private, public and voluntary sectors…show more content…
This unit maps to the following Management NVQ unit: B8: Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements. Essential requirements Any evidence submitted for criteria requiring the practical demonstration of skills, eg role plays or the ability to work independently, must be supported by observation sheet(s) signed by the assessor and identify how the specific criteria have been met. The assessment strategy must be designed to suit the needs of the individual learners
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