Unit 38: Environmental Health

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How human activity can affect the environment and human health. There are loads of different ways that we as humans affect the world and the environment we live in. Some things that we do can not only change and affect the environment but can also affect our health. Urbanisation is caused by people inhabiting the cities and towns moving away from rural areas. This can be a problem because it causes Overcrowding, waste accumulation, transport systems. Overcrowding is where too many people are in the same area. This can cause diseases like colds to spread because of cross infection. When there are too many people in one place they all contribute to waste. Waste can attract pests which can carry and spread diseases. Transport problems…show more content…
And with the earth warming up the ice caps melt this can lead to flooding which means less land. Less land means fewer animals and places to grow crops. This means less food for us and over all has a domino affect. Another form of pollution is cigarette smoke. Cigarettes alone contain dangerous chemicals that seriously can damage your health and others around you. That’s why from the first of July in 2007 it was illegal to smoke in public areas like pubs clubs and hotels. Smoking can cause lung disease and different types of cancers as well as heart diseases. Mentally, smoking can affect how you think and cause stress. How other types of pollution affect our health? What else is land pollution? Land pollution can be littering. Littering is when people just throw their rubbish on the floor. If people litter not only does it make the place look worst it can attract animals such as rats. Rats carry germs and diseases which can affect human health. Weil’s disease is a form of a bacterial infection that affects human beings. Symptoms include flu like fever, Headaches, Vomiting. Some extreme cases can make liver and kidneys fail. Water pollution what is water pollution? Water pollution is where things are either purposely or accidentally putt into water it can also happen naturally. Dirty water can give humans ecoli and other bacterial diseases which may cause diarrhoea. Also contaminated water can not be used
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