Unit 38:International Business D2

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Task 2c: Evaluate the impact of cultural differences on international business performance in the international market D2

In your evaluation you must consider how issues such as health, welfare, social considerations, environmental issues and belief system
Environmental issues that affect their business operation include industrial waste, sustainable development of raw materials and water and air emissions. Most times when businesses are trading internationally, these issues affect business because the laws in which they operate sometimes require businesses to change equipment they use and adjust their former procedures to meet imposed standards, which sometimes is at a financial expense to the business.
NNPC takes on a stricter
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People living in communities around they oil area are also at risk
Employees on vessels close to where the oil plumes are surfacing are at the greatest risk of coming into contact with concentrated chemical dispersants and toxic vapours such as benzene, one of the volatile hydrocarbons in oil.
The thousands of volunteers and federal workers who are cleaning up oil that has already weathered and lost many of its most toxic volatile compounds may still be exposed to toxins — particularly if they remove protective gear or do not have sufficient training in handling toxic substances
Almost hundreds of employees have been hospitalized due to oil spill related health problems, according to the Nigerian state health department. And while some say chemicals in the oil itself are to blame, others speculate chemicals called dispersants being used to break up the massive slick could be playing a role.
Fumes in heavily oiled area can also affect the community and there is widespread concern that some workers are not being given sufficient safety equipment, including respirators — and volunteers, who may not have as much training or experience as hired workers, could be in the greatest danger. So far, more than 400 oil-exposure

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