Unit 39: Investigating International Business P5: Understand the Strategies Used by International Businesses

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Unit 39: investigating international business
P5: understand the strategies used by international businesses page: 14

Unit 39 is all about investigating international business. This P is the final assignment. My suggestions are approved by the financial department as well as by the board of directors. My senior made me in charge of the strategy. The next step to take before entering Australia is to construct a strategy about how this will take place. In other words, I have to develop a strategic plan how you are going to enter Australia. A strategy in nothing more than a decision making with well-considered arguments. I need the previous findings of P1, P2, P3
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About 2 % of the population have poor quality of fingerprint, especially the elder people and manual worker. For these cases one need to consider other biometrics or any other solution. * Performance deterioration over time. Although the fingerprint is a stable physiological characteristic, it can suffer some small changes along the time and therefore it can affect the performance of the whole system. To overcome this problem, may be necessary to re-enrol the fingerprint and/or use multiple fingerprints enrolment. * Association with forensic application. The fingerprint technology has been associate with forensic and this can cause discomfort to some people. Specially, in the countries where it is not habitual the use of fingerprint.

Opportunities in Australia * Technological advances
We know that technology changes too fast and this would make biometrics be easier, faster, and more accurate. * Combinability of Biometrics and another security systems
It would be great if biometrics would be combined with security systems like passwords, account numbers, etc. * Terror threats
If there happens to be great terror threats and security fears, biometrics would become a boom. More and more individuals
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