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Describe the business strategies used by a business operating internationally.

Tesco has a good progress and their strategy is made up of of five elements:

To be a successful international retailer
To grow the core UK business
To be as strong in non-food as in food.
To develop retailing services - such as Tesco Personal Finance, Telecoms and Tesco.com
To put community at the heart of what we do.

International marketing is when a company makes one or more marketing mix decisions across borders I.e France-England. Sometimes a business will set up a overseas office instead of operating from the original country, this is so that the business may start marketing strategies across the world with ease.

Decisions are made at the
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For example T.V, the net, text messages and emails have all provided new and effective ways of marketing internationally and at a cheap price. This means that communication possibilities and user interaction between promotional campaigns is much easier.

Human resource is about how a business I.e mangers controls and treat their staff. Human resources came more into place when human rights came about. The inspection of work place standards proved a significant part of a human’s right.

When businesses use HR internationally their strategies will include keeping the whole workforce achieving their goals. It will also include making work an enjoyable place to work. This can be done by having regular meetings and offering workers bonuses that they can work towards. This in turn will make them motivated. Some ideas that are used include giving enough time off for holidays, having a worker of the month award or even letting your staff have events such as a pub quiz.

Tesco will use rewards to their workers for good work. They may offer promotion, bonuses, team building events and well fitted, comfortable staff rooms and interior maintenance.

HR use technology such as the net I.e facebook, MySpace, msn, bbm or other methods such as text messages or even r video calling for over the world conferences using skype. Technology makes it easier for HR to communicate with the workforce.

HR will also create policies or guidelines on what type of people
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