Unit 39- Support Use of Medication in Social Care Settings Essay

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Unit 39- Support Use of Medication in Social care Settings


The Medicine act 1968

Governs the manufacture & supply of medicines. This requires that the local pharmacist or dispensing doctor is responsible for supplying medication. He or she can only do this on the receipt of a prescription from an authorised person eg a doctor. According to the law (The Medicines Act 1968) medicines can be given by a third party, e.g. a suitably-trained care worker, to the person that they were intended for when this is strictly in accordance with the directions that the prescriber has given.

The misuse of Drugs act 1971 and amendments 1985, 2001

This controls dangerous or otherwise harmful drugs designated as Controlled drugs. (CD)
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These medications can be returned to the dispensing pharmacist for disposal. However, care situations that provide nursing care are not covered by this legislation and must make their own arrangements for the disposal of unwanted medicine through a licensed waste management company. There should be a written policy in place which describes the local procedure for recording of unwanted medication to be returned to the pharmacist. All medication should be recorded and signed for by the receiving pharmacist and a copy kept by the organisation.

National minimum standards • Standard 9.5 and 20.7 states that controlled drugs should be kept in a designated CD cupboard when staff are responsible for giving them to people. • Standard 9.7 and 20.9 Controlled drugs should be given by care workers who have been trained and designated to do so. Another trained and designated member of staff should witness this process. • Standards 9.8 and 20.11 care homes should keep additional records of receipt administration and disposal of controlled drugs in a register


Medicines are legally classed into groups; these groups describe how they can be made available. The Medicines Act 1968 sets out criteria for the prescribing and supply of medication.

Classification system:

Prescription- only medication (POM)- This

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