Unit 396

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SUPPORT INDIVIDUALS WITH MULTIPLE CONDITIONS AND/OR DISABILITIES. OUTCOME 1. Describe possible multiple conditions and/or disabilities that individuals may have. Individuals may have multiple disabilities/conditions such as mental health issues, physical problems, learning difficulties and sensory loss. Extra support may be required for individuals that may have these multiple disabilities. Multiple conditions and disabilities can affect an individuals wellbeing emotionally and physically. They may require extra support and encouragement with any activities they undertake, as well as empathy, support and encouragement with any emotional needs they may have. Looking at multiple and/or disabilities there could be certain additional…show more content…
Whereas economic interests and most cause groups, benefit a narrow constituency, public interest groups promote issues of general public concerns, environmental protection, human and consumer rights. Other professionals such as docters, pharmacists, social workers and district nurses. Advocates, if you have a person from social care services or a health team as you care co-ordinator, he/she will liaise on your behalf with other agencies to ensure you receive the most appropriate care. In other words they act as your advocate. Anything discussed with them will be treated as confidential. You may meet with an advocate at the home or in a neutral place. The advocate will work with you until your issue is resolved, this could be weeks, months or in some cases years when there are ongoing issues. Looking around our home there are many things that can assist and benefit a service user with multiple conditions and/or disabilities such as walking frames, walking sticks, wheelchairs, bed and chair aids, bath and shower aids and hoisting aids, eating aids, writing aids etc. There are aids for most daily living tasks, to assist with quality of life etc. The manoeuvrable roll with four wheels is a great energy saver. It differs from the walker in that the user does not need to use arm or back muscles to lift it up or set it down. Writing aid, page turner, ball point pen
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