Unit 4 Assignment 1 The Analysis Of Data

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Analysis of Data The frequency count and percentage will be used to show the profile of the students in terms of gender, scholarship grant and previous mathematics performance. The composite reliability which measures internal consistency should be higher than 0.70. To determine the indicator reliability, the absolute standardized outer loadings should be higher than 0.70. The convergent validity which signifies that a set of indicators represent one and the same underlying constructs, should have an average variance extracted (AVE) higher than 0.50. The discriminant validity based on Fornell-Larcker Criterion, the AVE of each construct should be higher than the construct’s highest squared correlation with any other latent construct. CFA will test the extent to which the theoretical model, the five-factor model corresponding to the five factors of the MSEAQ, adequately represents the covariance…show more content…
The fitting function estimated by the procedure will be assessed through chi-square statistic, Root Mean Square Error Approximation (RMSEA) and Goodness of Fit Index (GFI). The chi-square test should be non-significant (.01≤ p ≤ .05), .05< RMSEA ≤ .08 and .90 ≤ GFI < .95 to be an acceptable fit (Engel, Moosbrugger, and Muller, 2003). When the CFA analysis will not confirm the underlying factor structures of the MSEAQ, an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) will be used to discover which measured variables form a common factors. The mean and standard deviation will be used to describe the level of mathematics self-efficacy and anxiety of the students. Structural equation modeling will be used to determine the direct and indirect effect of the students’ profile, mathematics self-efficacy,
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