Unit 4: Business Communication Essay

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Unit 4: Business Communication Introduction The Organisation I done my work experience at was at Tesco's. I will be showing you the different types of information they use for there company to excel. Tesco’s is one of the biggest grocery stores which is currently leading in the grocery market. It has now grown and now has different departments to their store e.g. Clothes, pharmacy, home electrical and etc. Written Information Tesco's use various types of information, written information could come from surveys they produce such as customer service surveys and also questionnaires for the customers for example “how do you find our vegetables?” this question would give them knowledge of how the customer feels about Tesco's fruit &…show more content…
(e.g. What he/she likes to buy, the address of the person, how much he/she spends at Tesco's) with this Tesco's can send them deals by email or text saying that they have a deal/bargain on what this customer usually buys. This is a great way to gather information from the customer. Webpage Information A form of web based information can be E-mails, Tesco's could send the service users with emails of what they have new in stock or the deals of what's now a bargain price at there store. Tesco’s would have got this person information because this person may have signed up to their site to buy online and with this Tesco’s would have stored the persons details and like a club card they could see what this person is most likely to order and show him the deals that they now have. Where the information has come from and what is the purpose? Each piece of information have a source of where it’s come from, written information would either come from the customer or the manager for Tesco’s its purpose is to inform or get information from customers. Verbal information would come from a sales assistant (me) and again the manager the purpose is to get more sales by persuading customers to buy an item and also to make sure the employees are making the store organised and tidy. On-screen information would come from the stores sales records and prices they would use this information to grab in more customers the purpose is to get more customers from the competitor’s
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