Unit 4 Business Level 3 Assignment 4

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Unit 4 Assignment 4
Non- electronic communication involves the distribution of a message usually in the form of: Reports, Letters, Flow Charts, Invoices and even Verbal Communication amongst employees. This form of communicating is not as popular as it once was, but it provides businesses with other avenues to communicate instead of electronic communication. Furthermore, different types of communication suit contrasting businesses in addition to, the preference of people involved within a business.
What Is Non- Electronic Communication?
Electronic and Non- Electronic Sources of Business Information
Sources of business information can come in a variety of different forms which include: Newspapers, Websites, Books, Posters, Directories,
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BT can increase company performance and set themselves apart from the competition. Simply by discussing what type of communication works will with each individual, along with reviewing each individual in action BT can then begin to map out exactly what type of communication is most effective in the work place. Whether that be via electronic mail, face to face conversation and so on.
When communicating in a working environment at BT, the people involved in communication will need to show a range of communication skills. For example, during face to face communication between management staff and employees, employees will need to demonstrate clearly that they are: understanding what is being said, listening, being responsive, making eye contact, showing appropriate body language and so
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