Unit 4 Case Study Social Media

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a. Social Media Reports: Social media reports showed that engagements activities increased which was attributed to CEO’s birthday celebration. Ken gave the SM statistics to include 12, 800 FB followers, twitter followers of 2767; and followers on Instagram 3700 with Uncle Ebo’s Facebook amassing 97,079 followers. The last week’s Encore statistics indicated that the streaming reached a total of 65,889 people, 9,237 views; 376 reactions; 288 comments; 187 people shares with peak view reaching 326. Also, 147 people watched on YouTube; and 55 Periscope (Twitter) viewership. On the other hand, engagements on Instagram and Corporate website have been slow because the lack of recent post and unfinished update from Websoft respectively. The BDU head responded that although the statistics above was heartwarming, the whole world scope was ours to reach for through Social Media and success can only be achieved with a consistent, careful, and measured process. As such, was tasked to set a targetable goal which would then be broken down into months and weeks targetable goals. The weekly analysis should focus on change in the achievement of target within the week and whether we would be at a pace to reach the yearly target. Going forward, we needed to be consistent with what works instead of adding different things so as to measure the impact. Clients…show more content…
A 60, 000.00 GHC a year’s sponsorship package with a monthly GHC 5000.00 installment payment plan negotiation was underway with Cedar Point Chemist, a pharmaceutical company. The Head of BDU implored Ronnie to renegotiate for a total of 80,000.00 GHC a year and a monthly payment plan of more than 7500.00 Ronnie also reported on a discussion with Jerry a contact who would like to purchase 500 copies of the novels for resale. Additionally, Ronnie was also pursuing a lead on a speaking engagement at the Annual Internal Audit Conference on 10th of August 2017. He would liaise with Elsie to set the appointment for the
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