Unit 4 Concept O Analysis

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Concept O reflects the fact that RA/PsA forces Patients to feel like they are often living at the mercy of the disease and that they must cope with the pain and limitations alone. The first line. It feels like our lot in life is to live in a constant struggle. The struggle. That is what it is. Every day. Will it be good? Bad?- RA, NYC I feel like I am at the mercy of it. That is true – RA, Chi You have a friend on your side – PsA, Dallas I am at the mercy, especially in the winter. And sometimes it feels like other people don’t get that- PsA Dallas Patients are intrigued by the idea that a medication will actually fight for them and be a powerful ally, in comparison to their current treatment that does “just enough” to get them by. They can…show more content…
It’s not powerful… I feel motivated to find something else – RA, Dallas Right now I am not thinking of my medication as my ally. I think of my doc or radiologist as my ally. It is a whole new piece to the story RA, NYC My current medication is friend. Not a powerful ally. It’s not aggressive enough to be. There is something else out there. Something much better - PsA, Dallas This concept lends itself to a very specific visual of their disease attacking their joints and medication helping to protect them. While this was a compelling visualization, especially for men, it is not directly attached to the idea of irreversible joint damage. Further, the core of the concept—fighting a war against a disease— was not specific to RA/PsA and could apply to other
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