Unit 4 Homeland Security

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This report is necessary to analyze the proper outlet that will best showcase our product. I have found four homeland security related venues that would could be used for this, three would be useful. They are Homeland Security Today, the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Homeland security Newswire and Homeland Security Affairs. The product directly relating to homeland security is new and possibly controversial if incorrectly used. It is imperative that the right people get this technology and put it to good use. If it is perceived as a bad thing, the public won’t trust those who protect them and the technology in the wrong hands/commercial sector could be exploited. The report provides information on each of the four…show more content…
They claim that 60,000 people a month get their newsletter and offer email blasts as a service for those that want to get their product out (Frankel 2017). They also claim to produce the best bang for your buck when spending on advertising and provide guidelines for web advertisements if your business has a web developer/coder that knows how to interpret it.
The Homeland Security Journal is a scholarly peer reviewed journal published online. Their most recent volume is from 2016 and is their 12th. There is no advertising here but many of the articles analyze new technology relevant to the field, along with further ways the technology could be implemented and tested. Anyone can see this and subscribe, but they only email you when new articles come out which is not ideal for the advertising this product requires.
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Their purpose is very broad, they have many different types of people but the main drawback from the other two is that they don’t focus specifically on the US. The DHS which we are advertising to is the US’s homeland security force, not other countries, so expelling additional advertising efforts on anything other than the DHS is a waste, at least this time. If the AFCEA focused only on the US it would make more sense, but the fact that they have different events around both the country and the world, increase the chance that fewer of the people we want to see it will. Between the Homeland Security Newswire and HS Today, HS Today makes more sense. It’s much more appealing visually, their magazine adds that I have seen are nice and it’s not likely I would have went out and searched for some of the things in these ads, if they weren’t in the magazine. They also have video and audio interviews as well as web
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