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HYPERLINK "http://eduweb.com/portfolio/artofcrimedetection/" \t "_blank" The Art of Crime Detection <- your first lab link
What do the left and rights sides of the brain do? Which side of the brain does a police sketch artist use when creating a suspect sketch?
The left side sees and interprets the world in symbols and languages. However the right side interprets it in terms of space and shape.
In the activities, you are asked to help draw a sketch of the suspects. How did you do? Was it easy or hard to create an accurate sketch? Why?
We used a PD artist to create accurate sketches of the criminal, it wasn’t extremely easy. As remembering the criminal’s face and jotting down the exact details was hard. I think it was hard as my
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2. What is known about the 57 men who died? Why did they come to the US?
After escaping a famine in Ireland and coming to America by ship “John Stamp” six weeks after their arrival to the USA. They died and their deaths were told as ghost stories and legends.
3. What evidence do the scientists use to try to discover where the men were buried?
They used documents mainly connected to Duffy to figure out the mass graves. Old maps were and modern technology were used to search the country side along mile 59. They had to find the area they were living in, individual graves and the mass graves. They used older maps and matched them up with Google earth to trace down the graves.
4. What is the first surprise that scholars find when they begin to excavate the skeletons? Why was this surprising?
They found a dark wooden staircase running up in a rectangle and descending in a corner, hinting the remains of coffins, it wasn’t expected though as they thought they were looking at a grave of cholera victims.
5. What signs or evidence do the scientists find that at least some of the men may not have died of cholera?
Coffin marks were found on the grave and when someone has cholera they are buried quickly with no or little funeral as the disease is contagious spreading rapidly. Also it is not likely at all that each and everyone died due to

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