Unit 4 Mid-Module Assignment. Riley Jay-Crage. ‘The Goal

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Unit 4 Mid-Module Assignment
Riley Jay-Crage

‘The goal of legal research is to find laws or precedents that support your arguments and undermine those of the other side.’ In the light of this statement discuss the purpose of legal research, and techniques that are available to do it.
The purpose of this essay is to explain the importance of legal research as well as cover various research methods and sources and explain why they are beneficial to legal based professionals and individuals.

What is legal research and why is it used? Legal research is the process of obtaining the necessary information to support legal cases/decision-making as well as making yourself familiar with the laws surrounding the nature of the case. Legal research
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Below I have listed reliable and commonly used sources of legal information, these sources range from:

• Printed student textbooks “Student textbooks collect together, analyze, and criticize the law in particular areas. They traditionally deal with an individual area of legal study. There is a wide range of textbooks within various subject”
• Cases and material books, these are a good way of gathering supporting materials, however they are only a starting point for research but aren’t used for finding and reading original materials.
• Practitioners books, these are primarily used as references by practicing lawyers, and are written by practicing lawyers, it is also worth noting these are generally expensive.
• Monographs, these are a detailed study usually of a specialized topic, whereas student textbooks cover a wider range of topics, these cover specialized topics in greater depth
• Journals, these can be used to keep up to date with the latest developments in law, there is a wide range of journals which are all very similar and released regularly, these include general journals, specialist journals, practitioner journals and foreign journals.
• Conventional and legal dictionaries, legal dictionaries can be used to check if a word has a specific legal meaning and can also be used to identify an unfamiliar term. “The
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