Unit 4- Origins Of The Quiet Revolution And The Baby Boom

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Units 4-5 Reading Summary - Canadian History Unit 4- Origins of the Quiet Revolution and the Baby Boom The origins of the Quiet Revolution are said to have started on March 13th, 1955 when Montreal Canadiens fans attacked Clarence Campbell during a game against the Detroit Red Wings. It is believed that this started the revolution as it was the start of French Canadians protesting against the Catholic Church after hundreds of years of control. After being defeated in 1673, many French Canadian leaders had decided to leave New France and head overseas back to France. This left the population of New France without leaders; it was here that the Catholic Church had turned to them with open arms. Fast forward to 1960, the people of Quebec…show more content…
This event set up those people to create an economic growth. The many young people during 1950’s created a consumer society as the parents were forced to buy more food for the little mouths. This meant more goods and society based on buying and not so much selling. The need for goods created more jobs too. Mass production of goods added to the new great economy of Canada. If the Baby Boom didn 't happen, our modern day economy wouldn’t be what it is today. Unit 5- The October Crisis and Minorities Minority rights are an issue around the world, each day in the news you hear about how this race was killed by this race. In 1970’s, Minority Rights in Canada became a huge issue. Many women were forced to act and speak out against Male Violence and domestic abuse. A wage gap of 25% was in place in Canada between our men and women. Many people believed that women didn’t deserve to be paid the same as men. This caused many protests across Canada. Many people believed that women should be staying at home to cook and clean, however, the money that the men were bringing in wasn’t enough. Women recognized this and began to take up a line of work known as the “Pink Collar”. These jobs were traditional women’s jobs, such as waitresses, secretaries, and nurses. These jobs didn’t even come close to paying the same amount of money as the man’s work. Today, the 25% wage gap has been decreased to just 5%. Women weren’t the only people that were being discriminated

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