Unit 4 P1 and M1

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Unit 4 Task 1 I have selected ‘Sainsbury’s’ as my organisation and I will explain the types of information used in my organisation. The following are: * Verbal * Written * On-Screen * Multi-Media * Web based Verbal Face-to-face verbal communication is the best way to communicate. There is less chance for misunderstanding and it allows for verbal and nonverbal messages. However with the restrictions of time and budgets in business it is not always possible to meet in person. Telephone conversations are also useful ways to communicate but it is important always to use a combination of methods. For example ‘Subway ‘can use verbal communication through telephones in order to update each other knowledge about finance…show more content…
A lot of interactive multimedia content is now delivered through the Internet. For example ‘Subway’ can use a PowerPoint presentation about their good quality ready-made food and send it to subscribed customers on email which will update their knowledge about ‘Subway’ new products and add to that guide them with the right food if the customer has allergies etc. This can be an external source because other business can use ‘Subway’ information about their products and improve on it which could make ‘Subway’ lose its customers because of their rival organisations excellent market research. An advantage on web based is that it helps the business to store information on their website. Customers get to know more about the business when they visit a business website. Web based information shows them the price of an item online and where to search for items, however frequent system breakdown can be a disadvantage to web based information because when it happens, customers or the business cannot access their website which can lead to decrease in sales. Purposes of information Reliable and valid information is essential to all businesses and organisations because they do not know where they are going and if they get to where they want to be it is more by luck than by good planning. Organisations use information for a variety of purposes and these are as

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