Unit 4 Review

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Unit 4 Review. 1. Which is not a method for collecting a toolmark on a doorframe? a. casting that portion of the doorframe b. photography b. removing that portion of the frame c. making a rubbing of the mark on the frame 2. Which tool most likely made these striations? a. pry bar b. screwdriver c. Pliers d. bolt cutter 3. Analysis of radial cracks from three impacts revealed that cracks from A stopped at cracks from Z. Cracks from Z stopped at cracks from B. Which is the correct order of the impacts from first to last? a. B, A, Z b. B, Z, A c. A, Z, B d. A, B, Z 4. In which stage of manufacturing can the type of glass be varied between soda-lime, borosilicate, and aluminosilicate glass? a. formulating the mix b. changing the rate of…show more content…
measures the wavelengths of light emitted or absorbed by an object c. separates items for chemical analysis d. allows the examiner to see the evidence toolmark and the reference toolmark simultaneously 12. When burned, which substance forms a white powder to help visualize a toolmark? a. calcium b. sodium c. magnesium d. cadmium 13. A soft surface and a hard, smooth tool would most likely have which type of toolmark? a. striation b. indentation c. cutting mark d. Scratch 14. Three bullets (A, B, and C) pass through a car window, producing the fracture pattern shown here. Which indicates that bullet B hit the glass before bullet C? a.concentric fractures of C stop at concentric fractures of B b. radial cracks of C stop at radial cracks of B c. concentric fractures of B stop at concentric fractures of C d. radial cracks of B stop at radial cracks of C 15. Which parameter of glass is measured with bromoform and bromobenzene mixtures in a column? a. density b. refractive index c. elemental composition d. fluorescence 16. According to the information in the table, which type of glass is Unknown D? a. ordinary soda-lime glass b. Pyrex glass c. heat-tempered soda-lime d. laminated soda-lime glass 17. Which is a major component of volcanic soil? a. quartz b. seashells c. glass d. calcite 18. A soil is white and feels gritty. Which
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