Unit 4 Swot Analysis And Design Case Study

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Register to read the introduction…As part of a sponsor would we be able to have our logo printed on your strip?
Is there any specific material you want you strip to me made out of?
What is to be included in your strip?
2. Key information to look out for is things like: budgets that the company have for their strip, anything that they would like or want and finally things that they DO NOT want.
3. Key features and benefits of our company are things like: our company manufactures its own clothing so designs can be specified rather than off the shelf items like most other companies. A benefit to the customer of using our company is that once their design is made and set into our computer system the design is then copyrighted so is unique to the team.
4. A) Question techniques are simple when needing to overcome objections. For example when objection is being raised make sure you are interested in what the customer has to say and understand it in their eyes, and answer something like “I understand your concern as to…. However we do offer……”
B) If the customer is unsure about some product or service that you sell and you do not have much knowledge on it then you can say that you have a specialist on this area or product or service and you will get them to contact the customer as soon as possible with more detail.
C) A trade-off that you could make is to get more advertisement of our company to tell the customer that if our company logo is displayed on their strip then they will get money off their
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