Unit 4 "The Great War" Essay

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Unit 4 “The Great War” Notes Outline Complete this notes outline as you review the material throughout the course. You will submit this completed outline to 4.04 Unit 4 Notes Dropbox. Lesson 4.01 “The War to End All Wars” Explore #1: What countries do the characters represent? The first person in the line represents Serbia, the second represents Austria, the third represents Russia, after him; the fourth represents Germany, the fifth France, and last the sixth person in line represents England. What are the characters doing? The characters are threatening the countries that attack their allies in the order that they got involved in the war. How is this significant to the causes of WWI? Each character represents a…show more content…
1, 1917 Germans resumed submarine warfare. Feb. 3, 1917 U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Germany D. Zimmerman Note Telegram from Germany’s foreign secretary that made an offer to Mexico German Ambassador to attack U.S. and Germany would help them get back land. E. War Resolution More American ships sank. April 2, 1917 Wilson persuaded Congress to pass a war resolution April 6, 1917 Wilson signed the resolution to enter WWI. II. Preparing for Action Pres. Wilson sends troops, the American Expeditionary Force (AEF), to Europe Gen. John J. Pershing , a veteran of the Spanish-American War, commanded the AEF. The U.S. was far from prepared to send an army to the European front A. Draftees In May 1917, Congress passed a Selective Service Act. , authorizing a draft of young men for military service Men 21 – 30 had to register for the draft 24 million registered, 3 million were called into service Wide-spread acceptance of the program The Doughboy- American infantry men were nicknamed doughboys B. African Americans -and WWI 367,000 black soldiers served during the war; 42,000 of them saw combat in France Discrimination: Assigned to labor battalions and supply lines, rarely allowed to fight They were segregated from white troops There were very few black officers Black soldiers often had inadequate training and equipment Little motivation to
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