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Student Name: Patience Smith
After completing the readings, answer the following questions:
1. Describe and the biological and psychological factors that contribute to crime and deviance within our society today. There are many factors that suggest that abnormal human traits tend to lead someone to the life of crime. The trait theories are divided into two groups – biological makeup and psychological ideals. The biological makeup tends to say that they the physical and mental makeup of someone tends to make them either lead a life of crime or know the difference. Cesare Lombroso studied “scientific” factors of crime and came up with some very interesting theories about the mental/physical aspects of criminal traits and activities.
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I do believe that they have their own language and I have thought that since they were babies. There is some form of communication that goes on with them that the normal person cannot understand.

3. What is the difference between MZ and DZ twins? The difference between MZ and DZ twins is MZ twins are monozygotic twins which means that they are identical because they have mono (one) placenta. The DZ twins are dizygotic twins, they are fraternal twins and did not share the same placenta. DZ twins are not identical. MZ twins are genetically identical, DZ twins have only 50 percent of their genes in common. Some studies have shown that identical (MZ) twins raised apart and have never met have nearly identical behaviors. Identical (MZ) twins are much closer than fraternal twins. I personally have seen this because I am the mother of MZ twins. My boys are identical in every way. They are actually mirror image identical twins. Their hair is exactly opposite in the way that their hair lays in the back of their head. One has a cow lick in the front on the left side and the other has a widow’s peak on the left side in the front. One has a freckle on the back of his neck on the left side and the other has a freckle in the exact spot on the opposite side of his neck. When the boys started rolling, one rolled left and the other rolled right. When they started crawling, one crawled forward and the other backward. Their teeth

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