Unit 40 Health & Social Care P3 P4 M2 D1 Essay

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Enduring Power Of Attorney Act: This is for individuals who are lacking the mental capacity and need somebody else to help them manage their legal, financial and health problems. The mental capacity act therefore made it legal so that those who are unable to make their own decisions have the ability to choose somebody who they feel they can trust to help manage their finances, properties and to help make their health and welfare decision. This is done through the power of attorney. This act links to individuals who suffer with dementia as within the late stages of dementia they will need to give someone the power of attorney due to the fact that they will not be able to manage their legal financial and health problems. Human Rights Act:…show more content…
Personal Data will be processed in accordance with the persons rights 7. Personal shall be kept securely 8. Personal Data should not be transferred to any other country unless it has got an adequate level of protection This act links to an individual who has dementia as if their personal information at the doctors or in an elderly care home then these organisations need to ensure that these eight principles are followed. Mental Capacity Act: This act is made to help protect those who are unable to make decisions for them. This could be due to a mental health condition, a learning difficulty or a brain injury. The purpose of this act is to allow adults to make as many decisions for them as possible. For example, somebody with dementia might make a decision about whether they want future medical treatment or not. This act links to people who are suffering with dementia as within the later stages of dementia they are unable to make decisions for themselves and consequently, the Mental Capacity Act ensures that the individual has somebody to make the decisions for them. Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Act: This act is designed to stop any contact between children and vulnerable adults who may have been harmed. The individuals who have harmed them will be put on to a barred list and will be banned from going into contact with the people they have harmed. This is where DBS checks come into place. This when somebody who is

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