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Unit 4222-324 – Support individuals with specific communication needs. Kate Wilson Outcome 1 – understand specific communication needs and factors affecting them. 1.1 – Explain the importance of meeting an individual’s communication needs? Individuals that have communication problems need help and support to enable them to express themselves in the way they want, it’s important that you find out the best way for the individual to communicate for example it may be through sign language or writing what they want to say down on paper, you must respect their preferred method of communication as it is everyone’s human right to communicate and not allowing them to do so is stopping them from expressing their options and rights. 2.1-…show more content…
You may be working with doctors or speech therapists. 2.2 – contribute to identifying the communication methods or aids that will best suit the individual. As some peoples communication can change day to day due to medical or physical conditions you can help to identify the best methods to suit them by monitoring them and reporting what you find to your manager they can then put in place aids or different methods that will best suit the individual. Also they will be able to set up meetings with the appropriate people e.g. speech therapist. 2.3 – Explain how and when to access information and support about identifying and addressing specific communication needs. You can access the service users care plan this will help you to identify any specific needs that they may have, you can then give them the support that is needed to deliver the best possible care Outcome 3 – Be able to interact with individuals using their preferred communication. 3.1 - Prepare the environment to facilitate communication. You can find out how the individual feels more comfortable, it could be one to one or they may prefer to be in a group. Make sure there is not a lot of background noise and distractions have a good seating arrangement where you can see and hear each other without having things in the way and so you don’t have to shout to hear each

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