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Unit 45, Assignment 1 – Resources for Health and Social Care. Explain why resources are presented differently due to the type of media used. During this Report we will be looking at the different types of resources available for new learners in Health and social care. I will be reviewing four different types of resources I have researched. I will also explain why they are presented differently from one another and the different types of ways these resources can be presented by the media. Internet – The internet is easily accessible and used worldwide. It is a global network and you can find a wide range of information on any topic via the internet. You can gain access on to the internet by using a variety of different appliances;…show more content…
The book I used as a resource (Understanding Health and Social Care, Second edition, Julia Johnson, Sage publications, 2010) contained references, so that I knew where the piece of information was coming from and that it was from a reliable source. It had a contents page, with the chapter and page number, making it easier for myself to find a particular subject. There was also an index pages, which helped me to locate useful information. There was a lot of technical words and some jargon in this book and I did have to make a note of the words I didn’t fully understand in order to go back and look them up to fully understand. Books can be presented by the media through the radio, billboards, television, social media sites and the internet. Understanding Health and social care is targeted at students and people working within the Health and social care sector. It is presented differently because it has lots of references and is updated when new information comes out or when what was previously written in the book has now become outdated. Journals – A journal is subject based and is written by experts and professionals. A journal is usually researched based and will be based upon facts with references/ evidence to support the writer’s findings. Journals are known as periodical as they are published at regular intervals which could also make them a better resource than a book. The resource (Psychology review, volume 20, April 2015) was

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