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Models of Abuse For the purpose of this assignment, the intention is to describe the four theoretical models of child abuse. The 4 models that I will be looking at are; the medical model of abuse, sociological model of abuse, psychological model of abuse and the feminist model of abuse. I will also be looking at the aspects of the theories that are similar or different. To conclude I also intend to evaluate the four theoretical models of abuse by identifying the advantages and disadvantages. The Medical Model of abuse sees the abuse as an illness or a disease needing a cure. Kempe and Kempe were the inspiration for this theory when they described it as battered child syndrome. The battered child syndrome is a disease in which children…show more content…
As a result this may prevent any sort of abuse as they are happy and have a higher self esteem. The disadvantage of the sociological model of abuse is that parents who have been abused in their childhood are more likely to use violence when they grow up and have children. Another disadvantage is that the children will have a low self-esteem and a low self-confidence. The Psychological Model of Abuse tells us how families function. It also tells us that when a family breakdown occurs it should be recognised as a family dysfunction. “A dysfunctional family is a family, in which conflict, misbehaviour, and often abuse on the part of individual members of the family occur continually and regularly, leading other members to accommodate such actions.” (, 01.03.2011). Taking this quote into consideration it tells us that all of the problems within the one family are taken out on one child. However it could also mean that all the children in the family are abused. This is often referred as a scapegoat which means that the families’ problems are recognised in one of the family members. This theory believes that if the family takes part in a therapy it will restore any deprived relationships. Therefore this therapy will prevent the children or child in the family from getting abused. However I do not believe that taking part in a therapy will stop someone from abusing their

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