Unit 5 Health And Social Care Communication Essay

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Janes communication strengths and needs both directly and indirectly impact her and her family. I will discuss these potential impacts by utilising the health and social care PIES model. Firstly, I will discuss the physical influences which occurred because of Jane’s TBI. Initially, the oro-motor assessment indicates that Jane’s face is symmetrical and that she can accurately copy non-speech sounds. This is advantageous as she can swallow and eat her food successfully by manipulating her tongue and moving the bolus to her oesophagus. Being able to swallow will give Jane independence and will ensure her family does not have to feed her.
Additionally, the oro-motor assessment reports that Jane can accurately copy speech sounds in isolation and vary her volume and pitch accordingly. It also states that her
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Jane may feel frustrated by her deficient communication and may blame herself for her disorder. Losing independence may make Jane feel upset and worthless. She may feel a burden to her family and socially isolated as she struggles to have conversations with groups of people and loses track of her thoughts and speech. She may also feel embarrassed by her limited memory and attention span. Furthermore, Janes family may experience high levels of anxiety or depression. (Headway.org.uk, 2017). They may struggle to communicate with Jane and feel intimidated by her dominating behaviour.
Finally, I will discuss the social influences of Janes communication. The TBI affected her communication and meant she was unable to work as an IT consultant. Thus, causing financial dependencies which frequently leads to relationship strain. Jane may feel upset about losing her independence and may develop comorbid depression because of her TBI. Jane may never return to this speech orientated, customer facing role. She may need to apply for other jobs and carry out further interviews which could increase her

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