Unit 5 Health and Social Care Essay

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Unit 5 P4, M1 and D1
This essay will explain the physiologies of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system and how they work in the metabolism of energy in the body.
The respiratory system
The respiration system is the process of supplying oxygen to the cells so that cells can metabolise energy. The main functions of the respiratory system are to maintain oxygen supply to cells, to remove water from the body, and to remove carbon dioxide from the body.
It is divided into four sections, three of which are under the ‘external respiration’. These are breathing, gaseous exchange and blood transport. The respiratory system is the internal of tissue respiration carried out inside the body cells.
Breathing happens in the
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The cardiovascular system
The cardiovascular system is the process of the heart pumping the blood around the body through blood vessels, arteries, veins and capillaries. The main functions of the system are to transport materials to and from the cells around the body, to assist in temperature, to keep the levels of fluid in the body at the correct level, to distribute heat around the body and to defend the body. This system is the heart, which is a muscle that pumps blood around the body through arteries, veins and capillaries. Blood transports oxygen to the body cells which helps them to metabolise energy in the body. During this process the blood is also getting rid of any waste products of respiration, carbon dioxide and water. Blood also helps to supply heat, hormones, nutrients, salts and urea around the body. The heart is placed in between the lungs which is protected by the rib cage and is the size of a fist.
Energy can be transformed but cannot be got rid of. There are lots of forms of energy but chemical energy is the most common form of energy. Energy is a chemical bond that combines atoms or molecules with each other. When the new bond is formed between to atoms the energy helps the formation. The energy that helps is normally heat energy but can also be light or electrical. When the bond is broken atoms get realised as does the energy in the bond.
Energy is used for circulating blood around the body as well as a lot of other things
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