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P5-explain the concept of homeostasis P6- follows guidelines to interpret collected data for heart rate, breathing rate and temperature before and after a standard period of exercise Homeostasis Conditions in the body have to be controlled with narrow limits. This is called homeostasis. These conditions include water content, ion content, body temperature and blood glucose concentration. The thermoregulatory centre is the part of the brain that monitors and controls body temperature. The pancreas meanwhile monitors and controls blood glucose concentration. It produces a hormone called insulin that reduces blood glucose levels.( Diabetes is a disease which can be caused by insufficient insulin.) For example: let’s say it’s cold. The…show more content…
However with regular exercise people can reach lower rate of heart beat and can creat tighter muscles and stop the strain on their heart. Breathing Breathing rate is measured by one rise and fall of the chest. The best results are after takings someone’s pulse, and when the person being measured isn’t subconscious of it. The professionals usually pretend to carry on taking the heart rate of the client so they don’t realise what’s happening, as the person could start consciously breath and control their breaths. A normal persons breathing rate before exercise is 12-20 breaths. This is just an average on people my age. However with my 11 breaths per minute being under the average doesn’t mean I am not an exception. As I have a low pulse rate this can lead to less blood needing to be oxygenated. Factors such as fitness level, stress, illness (such as colds and coughs) and smoking can affect the breathing rate. However the reading can also be affected if the client’s chest rise and fall is too slight In addition a small rise in breathing rate and this is called anticipatory rise, this happens when exercising. The average reading for breaths per minute during exercise is 23-30. This shows that with more blood pumping through the body more oxygen is needed to keep the body at a sustainable rate to help our body create more energy. Our breathing rate will keep increasing until

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