Unit 501 Review the Range of Groups and Individuals Whose Communication Needs Must Be Addressed in Own Job Role.

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UNIT 501 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. There are a wide range of groups and individuals who I communicate with on a daily, weekly, and less frequent basis within my role as hospitality manager at ECC. These include other managers, support workers, clients, support workers, domestics, sales reps, visitors to the site and sales order staff. I communicate with all of these people in writing and verbally and also by listening. I have to utilise different skills when communicating with the different individuals mentioned, for example clients may need to feel valued supported and understood when I am looking at their dietary needs, I may need to adapt the way I…show more content…
I had two options, I could have created a barrier by having negative feelings which is how the staff member reacted, or as I did, which was to overcome that barrier by being patient, letting the staff member know how valuable she was in helping me become a successful manager due to her wealth of experience, and ensuring she understood that any changes I would make were for the benefit of the company, herself and mine. I would discuss any issues with her and ensure we were in agreement before any changes were made and spent time and effort overcoming this barrier for both of us. Not listening effectively is another barrier that could get in the way of my success in my role. At times during meetings with other managers there are certain topics where every manager has their own view or opinion and all of them are different. There comes a point after ideas have been bouncing around without moving forwards that you could choose to stop listening effectively as there are too many words and opinions. At this point I feel it advisable to call a halt and give people a chance to re-gather their thoughts and put together a valid written argument for their reasoning behind their decision so that everybody’s thoughts and ideas are considered carefully and at a suitable pace to ensure all the information is considered carefully so the best decision can then be made. I sometimes feel that some of my staff do not listen effectively when

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