Unit 502- Promote professional development

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As a registered manager it is imperative that myself and the staff team continually develop and improve our knowledge and skills. This can be achieved by building and maintaining positive working relationships by offering systems to enable staff to feel supported. There are various ways that this is achieved such as: Formal Informal Supervision Appraisal Mentoring Within the organisation Beyond the organisation Staff are made aware that they can approach me (informally) at any time, if they need to ask for guidance or if they have any issues /problems, or just need general advice or support. They can speak to me face to face or contact me by telephone. Informal support can also be sought when working, particularly during…show more content…
Standard 18.1 to 3 of the NMS requires that children are looked after by staff who are trained and competent to meet their needs. It is an expectation that staff receive high quality training to enhance their individual skills and to keep them up-to-date with professional and legal developments. It is also expected that the learning and development programme is evaluated for effectiveness at least annually and if necessary is updated. After being confirmed in post all staff have a full induction day (refer to template) which ‘covers’ all aspects of the role including policy and legislation. They are also delivered ‘in house training’ and can access the various training on offer beyond the organisation. Areas for professional development are discussed at supervision and staff can request a particular form of training. If I feel that they need to familiarise themselves with particular aspects or need a more in depth understanding, then I will source specific training and recommend it. Standard 18.5 of the NMS states that all new staff engaged from the commencement of the NMS (in April 2011) are to hold the level 3 Children & Young Peoples Workforce Diploma which must include mandatory social care units; or be working towards the Diploma within 6 months of confirmation of employment. All staff that I employ must fit our requested criteria (grading system). If they have not acquired a Level 3 CCYP, or equivalent
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