Unit 503 Essay

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1.1 Explain the models of practice that underpin equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility The client groups at my current place of work are adults with autism, learning disabilities and some of the residents have a dual diagnosis of mental health issues as well. Both the social and medical model has an impact on their daily life. The home empowers the residents and enables them to lead a normal positive life where possible. We do this by providing and engaging them in their own individualized care plans and asking their opinions on what they like how they like things and allowing them to make informed choices for themselves and whether they have the capacity to make these decisions. 1.2 Analyse the…show more content…
2.2 Reflect on a real work situation where you have challenged discrimination and exclusion in policy and practice I have challenged discrimination and exclusion in my workplace because quite regularly a certain service user refuses to work and cooperate with a member of staff who is from a different background. He often says ‘She’s not white so why do I have to listen to her.’ I have to challenge this and explain that we are all different and we call come from different backgrounds. He sometimes listens and takes this on board but sometimes doesn’t and we have to swap staff around. To help the service user understand what I am trying to say i have to use makaton to help explain this to him. 2.3 Reflect on a real work situation where you have provided others with information about: • the effects of discrimination • the impact of inclusion • the value of diversity I have provided a service user with information about the affects of discrimination as he doesn’t understand how this can impact someone as he regularly discriminates against other members of staff from an ethnic background. I have to explain to him using makaton that it can have a negative affect on the person and that they may develop low self esteem, have lack of confidence and may become isolated. I have provided service users with information about the impact of inclusion as I regularly check to make sure they are attending services out in the community, I check
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