Essay Unit 504 level 5 in health and social care

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Unit: 504: Develop health and safety and risk management policies procedures and practices in health and social care (M1)

1.1 - Explain the legislative framework for health, safety and risk management in the work setting. The Health and safety at Work etc. Act 1974 is the major piece of the health and safety legislation in Great Britain. It provides the legal framework to promote, stimulate and encourage high standards.

The Act, when first introduced, provided an integrated system dealing with workplace health and safety and the protection of the public from work activities. By placing general duties upon employees,employers,the self-employed,manufacturers,designers and importers of work equipment and materials, the protection of the
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I would therefore maintain records, making clear who is responsible for tasks and confirming that they are being carried out effectively. Each assessment would identify a review date and include the signature of everyone involved in the assessments. The Health and Safety of staff, residents and visitors while on the home’s premises or involved in the home’s organised activities (e.g. church visits) must be protected as far as reasonably practicable. Risk assessments are undertaken for all activities and measures put in place to minimise or control risks.
Empowerment and choice are fundamental principles; it is essential that the service user is at the centre (person centred approach) and that they have real choices over how they live their lives, with opportunities to do things in the way that they choose. There is a means of taking account of all views, individuals/family members, staffetcthat alongside of rights goes responsibility.It is based on the belief that shared decision making is the most effective, transparent and safe way to reach a decision that could be made at the time based on information available at that time.
4.4 - Analyse how
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