Unit 506 Understand Child And Young Person Development

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Unit 506 Understand Child and Young Person Development When looking at and discussing a child’s development, you have to remember that all children are different and grow at different rates. Every child will follow the same sequence but they may not necessarily do it at the same time as each other. For example, you could have two, 6 month old babies, 1 could already be able to crawl, and the other 1 may not have mastered it yet and may not until they are a bit older. You must remember that your child is an individual and not group him with another child and expect him/her to reach the milestones at the same time. It is important also that a parent/carer, teacher etc., know the expected sequence a child follows, so they can tell if a child is falling way behind and they may need to intervene to help them along. Many skills and areas of development overlap. A child will not be able to learn a physical skill without the development of their cognitive, social and communication skills as well. The areas of development may be separated but it is important to remember that they do not work on their own but together. The aspects of development are: * Physical * Communication and Language * Cognitive/intellectual * Social * Emotional * Behavioural * Moral Source: Burnham, Baker 2010, Supporting Teaching and Learning, pg150 Physical Development Physical is the development of the gross motor skills and the fine motor skills. It is an important area of the overall development of a

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