Unit 519 (01)Complaints

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Optional Unit Questions

Unit 519 (01)
Develop procedures and practice to respond to concerns and complaints

Assessment Questions

1. Learning Outcomes 1.1 and 1.2
a) Identify the regulatory requirements, codes of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints in your area of work.
b) Analyse how each one affects service provision.

The Local Authority. Social Services and National Service Complaints (England) amendment Regulations 2009. came into effect in April 2009. The regulations created a single approach for dealing with complaints about health services and social care services. Before that there were two separate complaints systems, one for health care and one for social care. This helped
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Use information about the quality of experiences of people who use services or others acting on their behalf, the views of staff and the risks they are exposed to , including the outcomes of comments , complaints and investigations, to understand where improvements are needed.

Outcome 17: Complaints.
1. Have systems in place to deal with comments and complaints including providing people who use the service with information about the system.
2. Support people who use services or others acting on their behalf to make comments and complaints.
3. Consider fully, respond appropriately and resolve where possible any comments and complaints.

You must Ensure:
There are clear procedures followed in practice, monitored and reviewed for receiving handling considering and responding to comments and complaints and a named contact who is accountable for doing so.
The complaints process is available, understood and well published, and reflects established principles of good complaint handling. The process will ensure :
1. That the details of the complaint and the desired outcome have been properly understood.
2. That advice and advocacy support is available to those who wish or need support.
3. That what is required to resolve the complaint and the likely timescale is explained.
4. Investigations are both proportionate and sufficiently thorough.
5. A documented audit trail of the steps taken and the decision
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