Unit 520 Recruitment and Selection Within Health and Social Care or Children and Young People’s Settings

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Unit 520 Recruitment and selection within health and social care or children and young people’s settings Discuss and demonstrate your understanding of employment legislation and practice that has to be adhered to when managing the provision of your service. 1. Recruitment 2. Staff training 3. Contracts The Single biggest piece of legislation that has recently come into force is the equality act 2010, it became law in October 2010 and it replaced a lot of previous legislation that provides a more effective legal framework for preventing discrimination. It replaces; • the Equal Pay Act 1970 • the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 • the Race Relations…show more content…
Related to this is the policy: Criminal Convictions (recruitment of persons with) the policy firstly sets out a statement of non-discrimination and advises that it is committed to the fair treatment of its staff, potential staff or users of its services. This obviously is in keeping with the above acts on discrimination such as the Equality act 2010. (There is a separate policy on Equal opportunities) The policy's purpose is not to discriminate but to offer protection to our service users who are deemed as vulnerable young people. The Children's Homes Regulations 2011 under schedule 6 sets out the matters that need to be monitored by the registered person, this is the manager and it clearly says that the registered person has to monitor staff recruitment records and conduct of required checks for new workers in the home. The National Minimum Standards (2011) (NMS) are our professional codes and agreed ways of working and we must follow the standards set fore with in these. Namely Standard 16 underpinned by regulations 16, 26 and 27 has a purpose so as to prevent unsuitable people from having the opportunity to harm children. There is careful selection and vetting of staff and volunteers working with children in the home, and monitoring of such people. The impact of this standard is easy to identify as all of the standards seek to be very descriptive in what should be done to meet the requirements so as to be unambiguous The impact of this
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