Unit 6 Assigment 1

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Michael Wilson| MBA6004 | February 13, 2014 Michael Wilson| MBA6004 | February 13, 2014 Unit 6 Assignment 1 Strategy recommendation Unit 6 Assignment 1 Strategy recommendation Identifying a Business 2 CURRENT USE OF THE WEB _________________________________________________________2 IMPLICATIONS OF THE WEB_________________________________________________________2 ETHICS OF USING THE WEB _________________________________________________________4 CONCLUSION_______________________________________________________________________5 Identifying a Business For my pre-writing strategy recommendation business will be Wal-Mart. As a retail giant, many people use Wal-Mart for many different reasons, such reasons are: grocery shopping,…show more content…
This means that it starts out on one person page and the information is shared will all the individual’s friends and associates will see the same information. In return they too will share the information with their friends and so on. This will cause a trickle-down effect causing mass number of people viewing the information in a short span. Wal-Mart knows first-hand how a negative feed-back from the use the web can affect the image of the company. Ethics of Using the Web While using the web for commercial use is a great tool for data analysis, and marketing. There are ethical questions each company not just Wal-Mart will have to answer. There are ways that Wal-Mart has use the web unethically by using paid bloggers to create a positive word of mouth. This subset of covert marketing commonly is classified as stealth marketing, but also has been referred to as shill, undercover, or masked marketing (Balter and Butman 2006; Petty and Andrews 2008). “In September 2006, Wal-Mart’s public relations firm, Edelman, launched a folksy blog website on Wal-Mart’s behalf.” The blog were account from two consumers enjoying a across America country trip in a RV (recreation vehicle). The blog was popular until it was exposed by by BusinessWeek (Gogoi 2006), leading to a surge in criticism from both consumers and influential sources such as the Consumerist (http://consumerist.com/) and Walmartwatch.com. This account of misuse of

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