Unit 6 Business Decision Making

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Unit 6: Business Decision Making

Unit 6: Business Decision Making

Assist in the development of a Commercial Gas Safety Certificate Business


Introduction Page No.

1.1 Create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data for a given business
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The Author can gather secondary data primarily posted online and to analyze the following criteria: the popularity and growth of the quick service restaurant industry, statistics relating to CO Poisoning and gas explosions, the number of service visits made for each appliance group and the average repair cost. The reason why we collected data online is because there are aren’t any physical copies of this data that I have access to for free. We can collect Primary data through the use of postal questionnaires, personal interviews and analyzing internal profit & loss figures.
The only accurate and up to date statistics relating to carbon monoxide poising and gas explosion incidents are available online through the official commercial gas safety website. Carbon monoxide and gas safety website. By exporting the data into graphical format and analyzing the trends relating to reported incidents and fatalities, we can get a clear picture of the effect raising awareness of gas safety has had on the number of incidents reported. It also gives us ground to justify our actions when immediate repairs are required in a commercial property.
We can collect statistics on the number of callouts per appliance type by visiting the HSE.gov website and accessing a report made on measurements of absolute CO by Advantica Group. The report was carried out by analyzing 5000 service visits in 2001. The
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