Unit 6

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Unit 6: Personal and Professional Development P3 Action Plan Goals Goal target end date Actions Action target date Review 1 Review 2 Attend university open days June 2013 Search online for my career Get distinctions and decide on campus Start from October 2012 Revise for theory test July 2013 buy books and CD Revise for it December 2012 January 2013 Complete all assignments June 2013 Plenty of research Achieve distinctions September 2012 June 2013 P4 I have made some progress regarding my action plan. I haven’t attended any open days as yet but planning to do so in June so far and completed my personal statement. My first action plan regarding higher education was to get distinctions in all my assignments. So…show more content…
With that said in some ways the work placement did not aid on my professional development as it was a limited experience. For example there was a limit to what I could do as all I mainly did was play and support the children, which slightly hindered my professional development. With that said I think the entire placement aided my professional development due to the reasons mentioned above. With all that said I think the overall experience helped me develop professional and prepare for future professional relationships ahead, such of between nurse and service user. The placement is the main cause for my professional development as it for a formal learning opportunity; however at the same time my academic work has helped me develop professionally as well. This is because it helped me develop my strengths as well as increase my self-awareness. However with all that said I believe that I developed professionally within the placement rather than anywhere else. This is due to the reasons above and also because of other areas that the work placement helped me develop which is are linked to professional development. for example it taught me about time keeping and how to manage my time, for example it taught me that I needed to leave with sufficient time in case there were delays or due to other reasons. It also taught me

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