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Running head: SCENARIO ANALYSIS Scenario Analysis Rashad D. Cherry CJ340: Applied Criminal Justice Ethics Unit 6 Kaplan University June 27, 2013 Scenario Analysis Scenario 1 - Drugs at a Friend’s House There is definitely a moral problem presented in this scenario. I have been put in a very uncomfortable situation as this is a friend of mines party and house but there are individuals within his residence breaking the law by snorting cocaine. Policy and Law does in fact dictate an appropriate response for situations such as these. Professional discretion is not allowed when crimes are being committed, especially if witnessed by a…show more content…
I should also think about the timing of these gifts and the relationship with the owner. In this situation I would actually accept this gift. To me it seems like me and the owner has developed some sort of relationship outside of professional parameters. He knows of or maybe even has met my family. It is Christmas Eve and he took the time to think of my family and I, presenting us with a gift. It is a holiday and I do not see a difference between the owner giving me a gift on Christmas and a teacher getting a gift on teacher appreciation day. I would present him with a gift as well. Scenario 3 – Homosexual Partner Unfortunately there is a moral problem in this situation because the officers asking to be re assigned for the simple fact that Officer Jones is homosexual is unsatisfactory. Policy and law does in fact dictate an appropriate response. In every career field and every department there are laws against discrimination and this is definitely discrimination, no professional discretion should be used when addressing this situation unless speaking with Officer Jones. To address this situation I would have to think about how camaraderie would suffer if this continues. I would also have to think about how Officer Jones may react if he finds out that the reason h constantly gets new partners is because of his sexual orientation. In this situation I would approach Officer Jones as he is a veteran in the department and consult his advice. I would

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