Unit 6 Software Design And Development

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Unit 6 Software Design and Development Contents Scenario 2 Assignment Brief 2 Task1 (P1) 2 Task 2 (P2) 2 Task 3 (P3 and P4) 2 Task 4 (P6, M2 and D2) 2 Object oriented Programing 2 Advantages [3], [4] 3 Disadvantages [5], [6] 3 Procedural programing 3 Advantages of Procedural Programing 3 Disadvantages 3 Event driven programing [8] 4 Examples of Event driven programing 4 Advantages 4 Disadvantages 4 Pseudo Code – BTEC Grade calculator 4 Structure chart 5 Flow Chart 6 Reference 8 Scenario You work as a junior technician in a small organization, Salchester PollUTest, which has recently started up following a split from a parent company. The managing director of the new organisation, Gary, is looking to enhance the basic computer system that he currently has. The organization produces small, intricate devices for testing pollution in the atmosphere. These devices collect scientific data that has to be processed. Currently all the scientific data is downloaded and processed by hand. Gary needs to be able to set up records of suppliers so that he can keep track of the components, etc. that the organization needs. Gary needs to know what programming languages there are available, what features these have and how they could be used in his environment. Assignment Brief In order to satisfy Gary’s need for knowledge, you should prepare a report covering following topics (Tasks 1 – 4). Task1 (P1) Outlining the application and limits of the following programming paradigms: 
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