Unit 6 Terrorism Essay

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Unit 6 DB 3
The fear of being racially profiled and being linked to terrorism is an issue for Americans ever since the attack on 9/11, and other residents that are in our country from other nations like Iran (Muslims). The Muslims or Iran is being targeted by any and everyone who seem to hold the whole nation accountable for 9/11 attack. But is racial profiling of their religious or other Muslims belief a reason that we should hide behind to justify profiling them? Within this discussion this learner will try to explain why this may or may not be right to fear Muslims or any other person who is from a different nation.
How do LEOs deal with racial issues of Muslims, African Americans, Latinos and terrorism?
Law enforcement officers are human, and they do their best to hide their true feelings when it comes down to race or
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For example is that “"Mexican appearance" is excessively broad and vague, because people of Mexican lineage come in numerous complexions, with a diversity of hair textures and eye colors” (Johnson, n.d., para. 18). We as Arabs and Muslims as well as persons from most racial and ethnic groups, tend to come in a gamut of bodily appearances which at time can make it hard to distinguish between the two. Therefore, ethnic and racial profiling will hinge on the skill of LEOs to distinguish these groups from one another continuously. So, if it is difficult for LEOs to distinguish between the two, how can regular citizen accomplish it? Well, in this learner opinion we cannot. This is where fear can set in on the officers’ side and on the public. For example, after 9/11 we had "Arab descent, as well as Sikhs, South Asian and even people of Latino heritage removed from planes, harassed, and some even slain just because of their appearance" (Johnson, n.d., para.
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