Unit 6 vocabulary

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Name __________________________________ A Lesson Before Dying Study Guide Chapter 1 1. Why is Jefferson on trial? What is the sentence? 2. Contrast the portrait that is painted of Jefferson. How does the prosecution present him? How does the defense present him? Chapter 2 1. Who is the narrator? What is his occupation? 2. What do Tante Lou and Miss Emma want Grant to do? 3. Why do they need permission from the Sheriff for what they want Grant to do? Chapter 3 1. What is symbolic about going through the back door? 2. What is the agreement arrived at by the end of the chapter? What can you infer from Pichot’s comments? Chapter 4 1. Name some of the ways the town of Bayonne is divided…show more content…
So far in the story, we have met three teachers. Now we are told that there is another supporting character who also wants to be a teacher. Who is it, and are you surprised? Explain. Chapter 22 1. This chapter contains the first real conversation that Grant and Jefferson have. What does Jefferson get excited about? 2. Grant gets a brilliant idea during their conversation. What is it? Chapter 23 1. Things do not go well during the next visit from Miss Emma, Aunt Lou, and the Reverend Ambrose. Why are they upset with Grant? 2. Grant is beginning to get excited about working with Jefferson. What happens to give him some inkling that he is beginning to reach Jefferson? Chapter 24 1. Briefly describe what happens during the next visit that involves Jefferson, Miss Emma, Reverend Ambrose, Tante Lou, and Grant. Chapter 25 1. What is Grant feeling so good about in the beginning of this chapter? What spoils his mood at the bar? Chapter 26 1. What has Vivian so upset in this chapter? How does Grant take Vivian’s concern? Chapter 27 1. Most of this chapter deals with a discussion between Reverend Ambrose and Grant. What are some of the subjects they discuss? 2. Why is it that Ambrose thinks he is the educated one of the two of them? Chapter 28 1. What evidence is there that Jefferson worked very hard writing in his notebook? 2. Why does Grant tell the boy, “You’re more a man than I am, Jefferson” (225)?
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