Unit 616 – Administer medication to individuals and monitor the effects.

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423wewe3 Unit 616 – Administer medication to individuals and monitor the effects. kh Outcome 1 Understand legislation, policy and procedures relevant to the administration of medication 1.1 Identify current legislation, guidelines policies and protocols relevant to the administration of medication There are several legislations in place with protocols for the administration of medication which I have listed below. The main policy re admin of drugs and storing of drugs and medicines is the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health or COSHH but along with this there are other policies in place as per the list below. *The misuse of drugs act 1971 *The misuse of drugs regulations 1973 *the Medicines Act *The NHS Pharmaceutical Service…show more content…
because of dementia etc.) so as carers we must be aware of medications they are on and look for possible side effects that could be effecting them. In most cases the reactions are mild and if they do occur then first-hand you should consult the medicine box/bottle/DOMAR where it will state any possible side effects on the leaflet or possibly on the main label ir you see on some pain medication ‘’Caution-May make sleepy do not operate heavy machinery’’ etc. If on the leaflet (which should ALWAYS be kept near the drugs) it says that a medical professional should be contacted if some reactions occur (i.e. bleeding) then follow the instructions. Some reactions may occur but no further medical help is required unless it becomes very bad (like the possible constipation with pain killers such as co codamol, paracetamol etc.) 2.4 Explain the different routes of medicine administration. The route in which a medication is administered is the ‘path’ that the drug/substance/fluid/poison is taken into the body these include:- Oral Administration-Taken by mouth i.e. tablet Intravenous administration-Injected into the body via veins i.e. antibiotics Vaginally-The medication is applied inside the vagina Rectal-Administering drugs into the rectum are then become absorbed into the blood vessels and taken into the body. Intra-muscular-Injected directly into the muscle. Topical-This would be a type of medication applied to the surface/skin on the body i.e. creams, foams gels,
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