Unit 654 Essay

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Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care Services Unit: 654 Manage disciplinary processes in health and social care or children and young people's settings. 1. Understand how to manage disciplinary processes in relation to health and social care or children and young people's settings 1.1 Explain how legislation, organisational policies and procedures relate to disciplinary processes. Disciplinary rules and procedures provide guidance to employees on the standards and conduct expected of them and a mechanism to deal with the consequences of failing to meet such standards. The Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Resolution) Regulations 2004 provide that all employers must have a standard three-step procedure dealing with both…show more content…
Given the culture these days of “No Win - No Fee” solicitors, the majority of employers have legal expenses cover that allows them to be guided through all employment issues by professionals who have the expertise in employment law. Owners/managers are advised to use this service for even the smallest employment issue as not following due process can prove costly for employers. In addition, these experts and the advice they give are non-biased and in accordance with current employment legislation. 1.4 Define practice which would be considered as: performance issues that may lead to disciplinary proceedings gross misconduct A performance management system will help managers regularly review performance and identify problems early on. In most cases action can be agreed between the manager and employee to remedy any problems at the earliest opportunity. Performance issues can be varied and should not be confused with conduct issues. Support and coaching Support and coaching by managers will help employees understand possible options for improving performance and take the necessary action. Under-performance may have a variety of causes and some of them may be outside the individual employee’s control. It is therefore important to discuss any problems carefully with employees so that practical solutions can be agreed. Often an Enhanced Development Plan is used to support employees. This is a clear plan over a
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