Unit 67: Support Individuals in Their Relationships Essay

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Unit 67: Support Individuals in their Relationships Unit code: HSC 3019 Unit reference number: R/601/8578 QCF level: 3 Credit value: 4 Guided learning hours: 27 Candidate name: David Hugh Morgan Candidate number: 1. Understand factors affecting the capacity of individuals to develop and/or maintain relationships 1.1 Analyse reasons why individuals may find it difficult to establish or maintain relationships There are several factors that come into play here. There may be an issue with the individuals communication needs, it can be difficult to establish a relationship and maintain it if your communication needs cannot be met. I have worked in a setting where a blind Service User has cohabited with a mute…show more content…
1.4 Explain the importance of ensuring privacy and confidentiality when providing support for relationships We are all entitled to a personal life. Service Users are no different in this regard, I am paid to support independent living, and I am not paid to be ‘Big Brother’. I encourage the Service Users I support to maintain relationships and I am there in case they have any specific needs. In the current setting where I work, there are three adult male Service Users. Each a different age and disability, and each one maintains a different set of relationships to each other, friends and family. Even though they live together in the same house, they are all entitled to their own private lives and space. It would be monstrously unfair to speak to Mr A about the relationships of Mr B or Mr C. They are entitled to a private life away from each other. Also not everyone is understanding of disabled people forming relationships, it is important to ensure privacy and confidentiality so that no one feels different to an extent. 2. Be able to support individuals to identify beneficial relationships 3.1. Support an individual to understand the likely benefits of positive relationships Working in a setting with three Service Users living together I spend a great part of every shift helping the Service Users maintain a happy friendship with each
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