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Unit 7 assignment Claudia Garcia From the interaction, does it seem to you that Alan is actively listening? Why or why not? From the interaction, it is obvious that Alan is not actively listening. First, he is not being mindful. According to Wood (2010), “mindfulness is being fully present in the moment”. In the interviews, Alan looks anxious to finish and seems to have many thing in his mind that do not allow him to be completely present. Second, he is not being person-centered (Wood, 2010). For example, when the second employee tells him about his son’s illness he is not able to practice dual perspective in order to understand how the employee feels and understand his concerns. Finally, he is not responding. According to Wood (2010)…show more content…
Alan’s attitude generates a tense relationship between him and his employees. In the future, they are not going to tell him what difficulties they are having which can decrease productivity. Also, if Alan practice good listening skills, he will be able to have a good communication with his employees to avoid misunderstandings and confusions in the different tasks assigned. In conclusion, Alan’s listening skills can produce a negative environment that can affect not only job performance, but also emotions between his employees. Identify specific comments by Alan that show he is either effectively listening to his employees or that he is not. It is evident that Alan is not effectively listening in both interviews. In the first interview the specific comments that prove this are: * When he tells the employee, she is too slow. She tries to give a valid explanation. Alan responds: “Look, I don’t want to lose you but you have to work more quickly.” He does not take the time to ask question or elaborate more on his employee explanation. Conversely, she threats her about losing her job. In the second interview the specific comments are: * When the employee tries to explain him that the reason he is being absent or late lately is because his son has been sick. He answers: “Can we just focus on the work for now?” With this answer, Alan is not showing dual perspective and he looks uncaring

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