Unit 7: Examining Sociological Perspectives P1 P2

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Unit 7 sociological perspectives

In this blog I will be explaining the principal sociological perspectives (Marxism, Interactionism, Functionalism and collectivism). The open view in sociology can cause debates, disclosure and sometimes even controversy as we will see in the blog.
Sociology is the study of society and the different social structures within it. Social structures examples of large groups that are in society. For example, family, religion, health and social care, mass media, economic system etc.
Sociology is viewed as the scientific study of society, it is a scientific study because the views presented in sociology is based upon empirical data (information gained from constructing detail research). How what makes
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doctors, nurses, managers etc.). Value consensus, this is where individuals agree to the same values and norms, for examples, to be respectful to those in authority.
“George Murdock (1897 – 1985) examined over 250 societies, ranging from small hunter-gatherer communities to large industrialized societies, and found some form of family in all of them. Murdock claimed some points about family and their functions. For example, The reproductive function provided stability for the rearing of children and socialization include the responsibility of teaching children the acceptable ways of behaving in society” (Stretch and Whitehouse, 2010, pg.310)
Functionalists do not give clear explanations of negative behavior and the extreme forms of deviance found in crime and abuse. This makes society destabilized as a whole. Collectivism (community support)
Collectivism is also a more akin to a political theory, rather than strictly a sociological perspective as it has its basis in political values. It is a form of universality; vulnerable people in society are given some form of support. The welfare system is an example; this was formed after the Second World War, from the recommendations made by the report for Social Security and Allied Services, commonly known as the Beveridge. The unemployed are entitled to jobseekers allowance; the disabled are entitled to
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