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Unit 7 Project PS330: Personality Development Prof: Benjamin Anderson 1. What is the relationship between cognition and personality development? Put simply, developmental theories of personality follow quite closely the same developmental timetable as cognitive development. The Oral stage of Freud occurs during the Sensor motor period of Piaget; the anal stage, Pre-conceptual stage; the phallic stage, Concrete Operational Stage; the Latency period of Freud also occurs during the Concrete Operational stage; the Genital stage, Formal Operations. Erickson’s stages ad other stage theories follow a similar path. The ages of these stages are also milestones in development, many…show more content…
These would be areas where aggression could result in a positive mode. 3. How do parents influence a child's personality according to each theory: evolutionary, biological/genetic, and behavioral? An infant in a third world country, born with low birth weight often displays a sharp, shrill cry and has difficulty nursing. Because of these factors and the baby’s fragile appearance, a mother who otherwise might feel confident may become anxious and uncertain about her abilities as a caregiver. Her apprehension may translate into inconsistent behaviors that would cause the baby to respond with irregular patterns of feeding and sleeping. As a consequence, achievements in areas of development may be delayed (Bukatko, 2008). Studies have shown that daycares do not do a grave disservice to the attachment of children or infants however in the 1980’s a study did prove the behavior between children of daycare and children who stayed home were different. With many parents not having the choice to have one stay at home with the children it is necessary to enroll a child in daycare. Another study conducted in Australia shows that moreover the facility itself it’s the mother’s attitude that relays and is projected onto the child. (Bukatko, 2008) Understanding this

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